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Worried about the current condition of your website? Does your software or app need fixing? Not generating enough sales? Call us at 0800-826-366 or drop in a mail and we’ll schedule a call at your free time. You get to choose only the services you need, or redo everything from the start – the option is yours!

Automate Now And Dominate The Competition

Why have 5 people perform a task when it could be done by 1? Or none, in most cases? Let the others move on to more important aspects of the workflow. If it’s an online business you’re running, all the more reason to dig into ‘business process automation’ while it’s still hot off the oven. Fact – since it started only 2 years ago, businesses that have adopted BPA have grown by over 70%. Think about that!

We are experts at automating systems across various platforms – IRD, Government, Banks, Accounting, Pay Day, and more. Automating systems include integrating APIs, triggering emails & chatbots, financial banking express for online transactions, social media promotion for generating leads, traffic and sales. Need to know which aspects of your business to automate? Schedule a call with us, or check out these top 5 benefits of automating your business, just in case you’re still in doubts.

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Tandem Nz Website Migration Service New Zealand

Website, Server, OS, Cloud, Host And Data Migration Services

Nothing is more stressful than migrating. Be it a website, hosting provider, platform (Shared or VPS to Cloud), CMS (WordPress to Drupal or vice versa), and sometimes all of these are involved. But what can you do when your current server can’t take the load or is not performing up to your expectations? Our 50+ experienced team of digital solutions can move your files swiftly, securely, smoothly, and without any interruption to your ongoing work. Here’s what we do before we migrate:

  • First, we safeguard your applications, processes, architecture, and data accordingly.
  • Then, we devise a strategy and align it with your needs and requirements.
  • Lastly, we calculate and comb through for any potential risks and fix them beforehand.

We can even help you pick a dependable platform or hosting provider that fits your business or organization. If you want efficient and effective data migration to be done on time, give our team a call at 0800-826-366 or click the button below.

Time To Upgrade Your Website & Modernize Your App

In technological years, if your website has already been around for even 2 years, a lot would have already changed. The most obvious is the visuals, website layout and design. This is followed by functionality – nobody fills out long online forms anymore – most data can simply be fetched. The tools you use to maintain your website – you may get better and even cheaper ones out there, some are even free, thanks to

Even your Content Management System (CMS) go through changes rapidly. But how do you know your website or application needs an update? Here’s how –

  • You want to add new features and functionality for the users or for yourself.
  • Your website had been under attack recently, causing a security breach.
  • It’s been too long since your last design and doesn’t fit in with the trend.
  • It has become harder to manage and keep up with the competition.
  • You have considerably changed the purpose of your website.
  • Some tasks in the process are too repetitive and monotonous.

Business-wise, it makes sense to keep up with the current trend, sort of like fashion. It’s always a good idea to invest in upgradation, and it doesn’t even have to be a large investment money-wise. Talk to us or drop in your requirements along with the URL and we’ll get back to you.

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Tandem Nz Website Hosting Support Services

Helping You Find The Best Web Hosting Provider

With a wide range of web hosting providers out there, it can be confusing picking the most suitable one for you. There are specific hosting provider tailor-made for your specific website depending on whether you are operating a personal website, a small business, an eCommerce, or running a large international organization. For personal websites, there are plenty of free hosting providers out there, but, they only really are suitable if you don’t plan on having heavy interaction. The downside of free host providers are numerous:

  • very low storage space
  • lack of a database
  • no customer help
  • bloated advertisements
  • search engines will pick it up
  • can’t get own domain

But if you’re serious, or you run a small online business, starting out with some of the cheapest (as low as $3/mo) is not a bad idea, these include A2 Hosting, SiteGround, Hostinger ($0.80/mo), Bluehost, InMotion, and HostMonster. But if you’re looking for hosting on a larger scale, you will have to opt for more expensive hosting plans with either of these same providers. Or, you can have a look for yourself from this comparison and pick the provider you think is most suitable for you.

If you’re still not sure which one to pick or how to even get started, pick up the phone and we’ll chat, else, drop in a brief mail about your requirements and end-goal and we’ll get back to you asap!

Some Of Our Solutions for Website Support

Tandem Nz Website Hosting Services

Web Hosting

Tandem Nz Website Maintenance Services

Website Maintenance

Tandem Nz Website Migration Services

Website Migration

Tandem Nz Website Upgradation Services

Website Updation


Tandem NZ Digital Full Focus


Your team belongs to you only and are dedicated to working on your project from the get-go, to staging, to live feedback, to user/customer experience and retention. Communication is key, and for this, you can communicate with the team directly via Skype, Slack, Zoom, or any app of your choice.

Tandem NZ Digital Experience


Our basic (newbie) team member is required to have a minimum of 3 years experience in any field, while the more advanced (managers) have more than 8 years of experience in their respective fields. Rest assured, you can be comfortable in knowing your project is in the hands of people who know and have seen it all.

Tandem NZ Developer Match


We make sure the team members you have matches the skill sets required for your project, be it eCommerce, retail, finance, eLearning, etc. You won’t have to waste time finding experienced and qualified digital experts in any field related to online, networking, technology, and digital solutions.

Tandem NZ Transperancy


While we overlook the project’s progress ourselves, you too will get to check-in on your team on a daily and hourly basis. You will have access to planned sprints, customer portals, project management tools, as well as direct contact via phone, chat and email so you are always in-the-loop about what is going on.

100% Triple point Guarantee!

Quality without risk.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quality Check Process

Tandem NZ utilizes the Agile framework and industry best practice for software development. The agile framework enables the incremental development of software, enables change requests and delivers high-quality products on time, within budget. Our internal expectations are very high. If it does not pass our directors quality check it is simply not good enough. Delivering half-baked solutions is just not in our DNA.

No obligation quote.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quote

We listen to what you need and then can provide you with an estimate at no cost usually within 24-48 hours. More complex projects may take more time as we need to ensure we give you the right solution that fits. Decide not work with us, no problem take our estimate and compare it with other vendors to find the best match for what you need. Don’t stress about security, we are happy to undertake any NDA requests and honor these. Security is paramount to our business or we wouldn’t be in business.

Cost Reduction.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Cost Effective

Our unique approach to solution development means that we can offer you 60%+ savings over other local based software and solution development companies. Seems to good to be true. Let’s chat and discuss your next project and see for yourself the difference Tandem NZ provides.



Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Website Support Project?

Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Website Support Project?

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