Payday Reporting
Payday Reporting Deadline April 1st 2019

1st April 2019 Payday Reporting Will Be Compulsory!

As of 1 April 2019 the way companies have to report payroll to the IRD is significantly changing in New Zealand. All employers need to ensure they are compliant. The new payday filing requirements mean employers will need to complete employee payments to the Inland Revenue (IRD) every pay run. A new seamless connection between IRD and your payroll system is needed to handle the increased reporting frequency. This means every affected employer will need to either upgrade or replace their payroll system by 1 April 2019 in order to comply with their new reporting obligations.

CSV Upload To IRD Will Not Work

It is a good time to review your wider software and ask yourself if you need to update your accounting and payroll software as a whole. Do they contain all the features you need now? Are they forcing you to have time-consuming manual processes that could be automated? With Tandem NZ as your partner, you can start the review of your systems and what you need well before the deadline so you have time to consider your options before the inevitable last minute rush to be compliant with the new IRD rules. Speak to our payroll integration specialists to find out more on 0800 826 366.

Ird Payroll Integration Review

Payday Filing Is Changing 1 April 2019

What Do You Need To Know About Payday Filing?

PayDay filing is changing 1 April 2019

Within the short window left until 1 April, there are about 50,000 New Zealand employers who need to transition to Payday filing. You need to start looking at your requirements now as you will need to upgrade or replace your existing system.

Complex And Secure IRD-Payroll Integration Made Easy With Tandem NZ

Tandem NZ worked with the Inland Revenue (IRD) team directly to develop the gateway requirements and security encryption needed for its client. All communications with the IRD needed to be fully encrypted using TLS Mutual authentication (or two way SSL as it is sometimes called). This form of encryption and data transfer is one of the most trusted systems available with both ends needing to authenticate both certificates at either end. Once authenticated the next level of security begins using authentication tokens. This means that the complexity of the security is high and requires specialist knowledge to implement.

Integrations with government departments can be time-consuming and costly exercise unless you work with the right partners who understand the technology and what is needed to be done. Tandem NZ can provide your business with this knowledge and skill. Get in touch with us to discuss your next integration work.

Our work on integrating with the IRD new platform has enabled services such as PayDay filing, Payroll reporting, GST filing etc to be automated between systems seamlessly.

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