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Seamlessly Integrating Businesses With Complex Systems

The team at Tandem NZ have completed a number of complex integration projects, often bringing data from multiple sources to establish a complete web solution for a customers business by  3rd party application integration like XERO, MYOB, payment express, Barclay’s online gateway, stripe, IRD government systems, address finder and ERP systems.

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Tandem Nz Myob Xero Financial Systems Integration Service
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Application Program Interface (API)

API integration with highly secure encryption is one of our specialities. Our experts have designed and built various applications to integrate value-added technology to our clients.  We have also integrated API for government organizations and financial institutions.

The team at Tandem NZ will cooperate with you on identifying qualified 3rd party vendors, and guide you towards the most favourable licensing deals as quickly as possible. The use of various resources, advanced API technology, and 3rd party integration services offer the possibility of implementing and integrating advanced services, technologies, tools and add-ons in the applications we build for our clients.

Third Party Integration

There are various advantages associated with integration between your website and other systems and services. The team at Tandem NZ have completed a number of integration projects, we do this by collecting the data from multiple sources to establish a complete web solution for a customer’s business.

For our various projects, we have integrated with XERO (accounting software platform), MYOB (tax, accounting and other business services), payment express (payment handling), Barclays online gateway (e-commerce gateway), Stripe (online payment processing for internet business), IRD (tax administration system), ERP (enterprise resource planning), address finder, google maps and google calendar and a host of other platforms.  

Tandem Nz Third Party Integration Service

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