Web Development

Web Development

Developing Award Winning Websites For A Decade

Our experienced website developers provide professional services, no matter the size, scale or purpose. We ensure to work based on individual clients aspirations, ideas, preferences, and standards. Our focus is to ensure that every client can manage their web content, product, and services.

Tandem NZ has experts working in Umbraco and WordPress. Whether you need a powerful online marketing tool, content management system, marketing automation,an amazing e-commerce platform or a hub for your community, our experienced team of .NET developers and PHP developers can perfectly do it for you.

Tandem Nz Complex Website Development Services
Tandem Nz Cms Website Development Services

Content Management Systems

At Tandem NZ, we offer custom CMS services and will design and integrate a completely customized content management system (CMS) that will allow you to update your website copy as often as you like. We can provide you with the best website design, as well as CMS services and solutions – customized specifically for you and your business.

.Net Development

In Tandem NZ we can help you have a critical app using “Asp. NET” software framework and other Microsoft products, based on your business demand. Asp.Net helps to create feature rich websites and web applications. Asp is the perfect platform for creating high-end applications, whereas, .Net is the best server-side scripting technology where Windows web server is used to host Asp.Net websites and web applications.

Tandem Nz Dot Net Website Development Services
Tandem Nz Php Website Development Services

PHP Development

Tandem NZ makes a difference. We provide PHP development services for your website. Our professional and customized PHP development services constitute PHP application development, PHP web development, Custom PHP development, PHP software development and source development, Lamp Development (LINUX, Apache, MySQL, PHP).

Website Redevelopment

Tandem NZ provides you with the end to end service of web redevelopment. Our experienced content managers and website developers have successfully updated dozens of websites with great results.

Tandem Nz Website Re Design Development Services

Tandem NZ Expertise Services for Web Development

Tandem Nz Accounting Website Development Services

Finance and Accounting

Tandem Nz Retail Domain


Tandem Nz Elearning Website Development Services


Tandem Nz Ecommerce Website Development Services

ECommerce Solutions

Tandem Nz Enterprise Portal Website Development Services

Enterprise Portals

Why Us?

Tandem NZ Digital Full Focus

Full Focus

Your developer is only working on your project. Eight hours a day fully focused on what you need done.

Tandem NZ Digital Experience

Experience is key

All our developers have 3+ years experience, some more than 8. Experience means you can be comfortable in knowing your project is in good hands and your solution is the right one.

Tandem NZ Developer Match

Like a glove

We make sure the developer you have matches your skill requirements like a glove. You don’t need to waste time trying to find experienced and qualified staff, you just get access to experts straight away.

Tandem NZ Transperancy


With daily check-ins, planned sprints, customer portal access, project management tools as well as direct contact you can always see exactly what is going on.

100% Triple point Guarantee!

Quality without risk.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quality Check Process

Tandem NZ utilizes the Agile framework and industry best practice for software development. The agile framework enables the incremental development of software, enables change requests and delivers high-quality products on time, within budget. Our internal expectations are very high. If it does not pass our directors quality check it is simply not good enough. Delivering half-baked solutions is just not in our DNA.

No obligation quote.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quote

We listen to what you need and then can provide you with an estimate at no cost usually within 24-48 hours. More complex projects may take more time as we need to ensure we give you the right solution that fits. Decide not work with us, no problem take our estimate and compare it with other vendors to find the best match for what you need. Don’t stress about security, we are happy to undertake any NDA requests and honor these. Security is paramount to our business or we wouldn’t be in business.

Cost Reduction.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Cost Effective

Our unique approach to solution development means that we can offer you 60%+ savings over other local based software and solution development companies. Seems to good to be true. Let’s chat and discuss your next project and see for yourself the difference Tandem NZ provides.



Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Web Development Project?

Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Web Development Project?

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