Make The Process Of Creating Interactive And Dynamic UIs Easy

React JS- Create painless interactive UIs

React (also known as React.js or ReactJS) is a JavaScript Library, used for building front-end user interfaces.

It makes the process of creating Interactive and Dynamic UIs easy.  

For each state in your application, just design a simple view and React will efficiently update and render the right components when your data changes or it reuses the existing data. Declarative views are more predictable for the code and they are also easy to debug.

React doesn’t disturb the existing technology stack, any new feature in React can be developed without rewriting existing code.

React can also work on the server using Node and power mobile apps using React Native.

Tandem Nz Mobile App Ui
Tandem Nz Mobile App React Js

React Native- Build a real mobile app

React Native lets you build your mobile app (Android, iOS and UWP) using only JavaScript.

It uses the same React design and composes a rich mobile UI from declarative components.  

You can build a real mobile app with React Native. Such an app will be indistinguishable from one built using Objective-C or Java, not like an HTML5 app or a mobile app.

The same fundamental UI building blocks used in regular iOS and Android apps are used by React Native. In React Native these buildings blocks are set up together using JavaScript and React.    

A magical experience

React Native for your mobile app is nothing sort of a magical experience. It builds your app faster. You can reload an app created in React Native instantly, without recompiling!

Tandem Nz Mobile App Experience
Tandem Nz Mobile App React Js Expertise

Our expertise

At Tandem NZ, we have a well-qualified team of JavaScript experts.  We are React core contributors, open source supporters, and creative thinkers. We believe in contributing to improving the modern web.

One of the ways we use to push your business forward is through our excellent ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, RedUX and Reactive Native services.

We have proved our excellence in ReactJS, NodeJS, NextJS, Redux for many large-scale projects. Tandem NZ helps you break free from the limitations imposed by legacy technologies and enable you to leverage new technology platforms to build a stronger and more responsive business.

Some recent ones are-

Canterbury District Health Board,

Ara Institute of Canterbury

Why Us?

Tandem NZ Digital Full Focus

Full Focus

Your developer is only working on your project. Eight hours a day fully focused on what you need done.

Tandem NZ Digital Experience

Experience is key

All our developers have 3+ years experience, some more than 8. Experience means you can be comfortable in knowing your project is in good hands and your solution is the right one.

Tandem NZ Developer Match

Like a glove

We make sure the developer you have matches your skill requirements like a glove. You don’t need to waste time trying to find experienced and qualified staff, you just get access to experts straight away.

Tandem NZ Transperancy


With daily check-ins, planned sprints, customer portal access, project management tools as well as direct contact you can always see exactly what is going on.



Looking For Expertise Solution In React JS Mobile App Development?

Looking For Expertise Solution In React JS Mobile App Development?

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