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Having a mobile-friendly website alongside your desktop website is not a choice anymore, it’s expected. And it’s expected to work seamlessly across all mobile OS – Android, iOS, Symbian, Hybrid, or Windows Mobile, and across all types of devices

Should You Develop A Mobile-friendly Website With A Separate URL?

It depends on the purpose of your site, and if your users visit your website across multiple devices, in which case, a responsive website is the best choice. For eCommerce sites, we’d recommend building a mobile app as opposed to a responsive mobile site (still depends on the nature of your business). Banking sites are the only ones we’d suggest having a mobile-friendly site with separate URL and different UI/UX. Here’s why:

  • Your SEO authority becomes diluted due to duplication of content.
  • Increase in workload for your creative and development team.
  • Risk of having high bounce rate due to the poor user experience.
  • Difficulty in sharing “m” websites to recipients on a desktop.
  • Cannot contain similar content and design as the desktop version.
  • Have to create multiple redirects with every update.
  • Google may actually penalize your mobile website.

When it comes to having a prominent mobile presence, the safest way to go is “responsive website”. Responsive mobile sites adjust itself according to the respective viewport size. You don’t even need to develop a completely new website as your developers can just implement some functionality to your current website so it responds to specific browser dimensions.

Or maybe you ought to develop all three – mobile app, mobile responsive site, a mobile site with different URL. After all, some big players out there like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, etc have all three options.

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iOS + Andriod + Hybrid App Development

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What To Look Out For In Responsive Mobile Web Design

If you thought mobile web design simply means making sure your website is viewable on a much smaller screen? You are wrong. On mobile, you’re dealing with smaller space, which means it’s critical to leave some things out and quickly provide the information you know your mobile visitor is looking for.

As for responsiveness, use this trick to find out: drag one corner of your internet browser until it is the size of a smartphone. If the size adjusts accordingly, then your website is responsive on other devices besides your desktop or laptop. Here are a few ways to successfully implement a better user experience for mobile:

  • Optimized Content Layout – the screen on mobile is 60-80% smaller, making it extremely difficult for viewers to navigate and read. This can be resolved by moving some things around, making important sections bigger, and using fewer columns.
  • Adapting Website Content – visitors on mobile are more concerned about your content than the design. Example, for a business owner, your visitors will be more concerned about your office hours, your location, your contact details, and your services.

Keep in mind, a visitor viewing your site from a desktop computer is looking for different elements than when they view your site on mobile. It’s advisable to create different user experiences while still maintaining the of your company. We at Tandem NZ have specialized in converting desktop websites into responsive mobile web design. Talk to us first, no obligations.

Mobile Website And Apps For iOS, iPhones, And Other Apple Products

Our extensive expertise in iOS mobile app development will help you meet the high demands of Apple users. We develop apps for the entire iOS platform including iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch, Apple TV, and Mac Mini, by deep integration of seamless experiences that sits closely with the platform. We leverage the latest features of iOS for best iPhone apps development services to truly modernize your iOS apps as per the latest features in mobile app development.

Our iOS mobile app development services include:

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Some Of Our Solutions for Android and iOS App

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Mobile CRMs

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Tandem NZ Digital Full Focus

Focused Mobile Developers

Your mobile developers belong to you only and are dedicated to working on your project from the get-go, to staging, to live feedback, to user/customer experience. Communication is key, and for this, you can communicate with our developer directly via Skype, Slack, Zoom, or any app of your choice.

Tandem NZ Digital Experience

Experienced Mobile Developers

Our basic (newbie) mobile developers have a minimum of 3 years experience, while the more advanced (managers) have more than 8 years of PHP development experience in the field. Rest assured, you can be comfortable in knowing your project is in skilled hands.

Tandem NZ Developer Match

Skilled Mobile Developers

We make sure the mobile developers you have matches the skill sets required for your project, be it eCommerce, retail, finance, eLearning, etc. You won’t have to waste time finding experienced and qualified mobile developers and mobile website designers.

Tandem NZ Transperancy

Accessible Mobile Developers

While we overlook the project’s progress, you too will get to check-in on your mobile developers on a daily and hourly basis. You will have access to planned sprints, customer portals, project management tools, as well as direct contact via phone, chat and email so you are always in-the-loop about what is going on.

100% Triple point Guarantee!

Quality without risk.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quality Check Process

Tandem NZ utilizes the Agile framework and industry best practice for software development. The agile framework enables the incremental development of software, enables change requests and delivers high-quality products on time, within budget. Our internal expectations are very high. If it does not pass our directors quality check it is simply not good enough. Delivering half-baked solutions is just not in our DNA.

No obligation quote.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Quote

We listen to what you need and then can provide you with an estimate at no cost usually within 24-48 hours. More complex projects may take more time as we need to ensure we give you the right solution that fits. Decide not work with us, no problem take our estimate and compare it with other vendors to find the best match for what you need. Don’t stress about security, we are happy to undertake any NDA requests and honor these. Security is paramount to our business or we wouldn’t be in business.

Cost Reduction.

Tandem NZ Digital Solutions Cost Effective

Our unique approach to solution development means that we can offer you 60%+ savings over other local based software and solution development companies. Seems to good to be true. Let’s chat and discuss your next project and see for yourself the difference Tandem NZ provides.



Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Mobile App Development Project in Christchurch?

Looking For Expertise Solution For Your

Mobile App Development Project  in Christchurch?

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