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75% of users do not go beyond the first page of search results

Using industry-leading Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) and various Keyword Research tools, we can pick out the best keywords and propel your brand on to the front page of search engines specific to Christchurch.

This is vital to improving your websites’ online visibility, which, if left unchecked, makes it impossible to be found amongst competitors and similar industries/businesses.

In addition, we also employ strategies that involve ongoing page optimisation and monthly Ranking Reports in order to keep track of your ranking on search engine results including Google and Bing and make changes accordingly so as to get results almost immediately.

Search Engine Christchurch New Zealand
Search Engine Christchurch Google New Zealand

For example, let’s say you run a vehicle rental business in Christchurch, based on our findings, your top 5 keywords will be:

  • Car rental in Christchurch New Zealand (260 searches/month)
  • Christchurch New Zealand car rental (260 searches/month)
  • Christchurch New Zealand car hire (110 searches/month)
  • New Zealand car rental Christchurch airport (70 searches/month)
  • Cheapest car rental in Christchurch New Zealand (50 searches/month)

These can be further optimized to specific areas within Christchurch to ensure visibility to remote areas as well..

Other methods to help your Chrishchurch-based website’s search positioning can also include:

  • Promoting content on a weekly basis that includes popular keyword phrases.
  • Inserting relevant keywords to your Page Titles, Page Descriptions and Headings.
  • Updating your web page URLs to include the keywords relevant to the content presented.
  • Cross-linking between pages of your website.
  • Link building campaigns that build PA and DA.

Ideally, Christchurch-specific results are visible within a few weeks of implementation, after search engines have re-indexed your website.

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Looking for A Kiwi SEO expert from Christchurch?

Looking for A Kiwi SEO expert from Christchurch?

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