Your Refund

Your Refund

Your Refund aimed to provide the crowded tax refund market with a new player to rival the top 3 competitors. Tandem NZ was approached due to the history of its directors and their involvement in developing and building up one of the top 2 competitors in the market

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Problems


Changes in NZ tax system and IRD updates meant that the approach had to be dynamic to keep up with the rapid changes in the future.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Objectives


Build a tax refund system that rivalled the major competitors in the industry and enable operations to run with minimal human intervention.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Solutions


We developed a cloud-based solution to serve customers from anywhere in the world and rapid SEO and SEM positioning to quickly gain traction in a packed marketplace.

Tandem NZ Case Study Your Refund Project Screens

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