Your Payroll

Your Payroll

A sister company to Your refund, Your Payroll wanted to completely disrupt the payroll market by offering a simple and easy to use payroll solution for businesses for Free. As such, it needed to operate with minimal human intervention yet provide all the functions to make managing payroll a simple task for its customers.

Tandem NZ .Net development team using the Umbraco framework worked tirelessly to develop the site which includes a full SOAP integration from a windows platform into the IRD It systems that are being developed as part of their business transformation. The complete integration works seamlessly transferring data in real time between your Payroll and the IRD.

Launching in 2018, Your Payroll is a breath of fresh air and stands to disrupt the entire payroll industry in New Zealand. Tandem NZ stands right behind them providing effective business solutions for their digital marketing, development and accountancy support.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Problems


Full cloud-based payroll system to be developed including integration with the ongoing IRD Business transformation and new PayDay reporting rules being implemented. Real-time integration is required with IRD to reduce the requirement of manual interventions.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Objectives


Develop payroll and payroll intermediary system for NZ businesses completely online and fully integrate this with IRD new tax platform. 

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Solutions


Development of one of the few solutions that connects directly into the IRD PayDay reporting system in real time. This was done of a .NET framework which had not been achieved before.

Tandem NZ Case Study Your Payroll Project Screens

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