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Menumate is a two decades old firm dedicated to helping restaurants achieve better financial positions. Its performance program uses data gathered by its sales system to measure key performance; gathering knowledge to build better profitability.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Problems


Menumate came to us with a rather large problem. Their existing internal team had fallen behind and they now had a backlog of over 40 apps to be done. Their internal processes to manage offshore teams were not robust and clarity on the development process did not exist.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Objectives


Set up an external mobile app team to work with Menumates internal mobile app team to catch up on the development schedule. The existing indian based team in Menumate did not have the required skills in-house and the capability to rapidly develop. We needed to quickly understand their mobile structure and development processes.

Tandem NZ Case Study Project Solutions


We quickly set up a detailed workflow process and established a dedicated team to work with their internal team to deliver the mobile apps for final testing and deployment. In the space of 3 months we delivered over 40 apps for Apple and Android phones using the Ionic Framework.

Tandem NZ Case Study Menumate Project Screens

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