Picking The Right Digital Platform

There is no denying it. Businesses are now becoming increasingly aware of their impact online and digital execution have on their brick and mortar and/or digital store.

What a lot of businesses don’t take account of is the actual influence digital has on in-store sales. Your digital platform is the foundation upon which your digital presence and the digital representation of your brand is built. Nowadays, the biggest impact for your customers is brand awareness, consideration and buying options, after experiencing your digital execution.

More and more digital touch points influence up to 40% of your in-store visits. Investing in an effective digital solution and execution partner is truly a strategic business decision which should not just be about the technology you need today, but also about the continuous growth of your business in the future.

Tip#1: Support And Grow Your Business

Finding and discovering what you offer is the first step in your customer’s purchase journey. Your digital presences and platform must be able to support all your SEO requirements to leverage organic traffic to your website and enable brand discoverability. At a minimum, it must be mobile responsive to ensure optimal brand experience and customer journey no matter the device they are using.

Beyond just this, having a truly omnichannel capability is crucial to being able to offer a seamless customer experience with a 360-degree customer view no matter the sales journey and channel they are on. While not true for all retailer or service providers, if you can offer it online, you definitely should. Customers want and should be able to buy online and pick up in-store, use mobile in-store to do research and make purchases or even initiate a returns process.

Tip#2: Be Agile And Adapt To Newer Technologies

Now we are not talking about the project methodology but rather the ability for your business to move quickly in a digital world where being slow is being left behind rather quickly.

84% of business leaders say that legacy systems have a direct impact on the speed of development for new digital experiences, and 25% find it difficult or impossible for third-party partners to integrate with their existing systems. This is perfectly understandable, many legacy systems are business critical and cannot just be whipped out and replaced overnight. Ensuring your digital platform has an open architecture, can integrate easily and is full extendable is crucial.

Tip #3: Don’t Get Boxed In By Your Platform Choice. Choose One That Scales.

As your business grows, your platform should be able to grow with you. At some point, you may need to re-platform as your business takes off, but, in the meantime, your digital platform should be able to scale along with your business. Scaling goes beyond just being able to perform and handle peak and seasonal loads. It means your platform of choice should be able to handle added complexity over time and support your brand requirements as you expand your service offering.

Tip #4:  Simplicity Rules. It Is The Ultimate Sophistication.

Don’t over-engineer what you need. Your digital platform should be out-of-the-box and provide an end to end solution that hits the functionality marks to reduce complexity in your business. Use systems and integrations to automate your business’s day-to-day tasks as much as possible and have them integrate with your wider digital platform.

Bonus Tip: Choose A Partner Who Will Work With You To Achieve Success

The ability for businesses to see a real return on digital investment is crucial. Work with skilled partners that can deliver this. Beyond the security, reliability, and flexibility, you need a digital partner that lives and breathes the digital world. Even better, you need one that can understand your business and work with you to achieve your goals.

For the right digital platform, contact us at 0800 826 366 or drop us a mail at info@tandemnz.co.nz and we’ll schedule a discussion.

Download this infographic on ‘What Is The Right Digital Platform For You? (With 5 Tips)’

What Is Digital Platform

What Is Digital Platform

A lot has happened in 2018 in the software game. Is your company up to date with the latest trends and applications that could give you the jump over your competitors? What do you see for 2019 and beyond? If you have a dream or an idea and want to turn it into a reality, contact us at 0800 826 366 or drop in a mail at info@tandemnz.co.nz and we’ll schedule a meeting.

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