What Can be Outsourced?

While outsourcing to date has mainly been a substantial cost cutting play for businesses, today’s leading companies are now approaching outsourcing in innovative and surprising ways looking to activate, create, integrate and amplify their businesses value. Outsourcing is creating new opportunities for service providers and their clients.
More and more businesses are looking outward to expand their market and will lead this by outsourcing more tomorrow than they are today. Specific sectors in Finance, HR and of course IT are leading the charge across the globe.
Do you want to outsource a part of your business processes but wondering whether the job you have in mind can be outsourced? Are you unaware about which jobs can be outsourced? The answer to these questions is that almost any business process or work can be outsourced as long as data transfer is possible. If there is an operation in your business that can be done remotely in another room on a computer it can be outsourced. In fact over $88 billion US dollars was exported from software companies outsourcing from India in 2014 alone.
So some of the key services that can be outsourced in most businesses would be:

  • Finance & Accounting
  • Big data Analysis
  • Data entry
  • IT System administration
  • Web Development
  • UI/UX Design
  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Software Development
  • Specific software support and development like Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, etc
  • JAVA Developers
  • Data Scientists
  • Digital Marketing
  • Graphic Design
  • SEO
  • Video animators and editors
  • Mobile App Design & Development
  • Customer support services
  • +much more…

In fact the reality is that with a labour pool of over 1 million people in Bangalore – India for IT alone, whomever you require to give your business the edge can be found. You name it and you can find it.

But how do you access these skills?

The increasing emphasis on delivering value beyond cost savings means outsource service providers are rapidly evolving into innovation centers with the aim of creating improvement opportunities for their clients. The savviest businesses use their providers to help them find, filter, and manage the many transformative products and services the marketplace to improve business performance.
However there is still an elephant in the room when it comes to outsourcing. We have talked about this in previous articles “Is outsourcing right for you?”, the common headaches of communication, interpretation, culture and distance are still prevalent in accessing offshore organisations.
A way to bridge these headaches is to work long and late/early hours building up a rapport with your offshore company until they understand who you are and what you want in detail. Thus ensuring the quality you require. But what if you could access the power of outsourcing aspects of your business all while dealing with a local provider? No more late nights and frustrating conversations. No more not getting what you asked for back. Imagine that. Quality delivery, no communication misunderstandings or issues and no late night phone calls or dropped skype calls. Saving you and your business precious time and money.
One such solution is Tandem NZ. You can now “Outsource without Headaches”. Tandem NZ have a local Christchurch based office as your key interface and a development centre in Bangalore, India providing world class outsourcing services and helping clients via high performance staff management.  It is your one stop shop for outsource tasks from within your business or fulfilling hard to find resources and engaging with a forward thinking service provider focused on providing added value to your business not just cost cutting.
Tandem NZ provides you a local office to manage your external offshore team, outsourcing without the headaches. Take your business to the next level, let’s chat about your business goals and what outsourcing options may be available for you.
To find out more about Tandem NZ and what possibilities they have for your business get in touch via our website www.tandemnz.co.nz or call Chris on 021 823 857.