Back in 2018, we’ve had a great year of social media marketing and promotion. This year, we’ve had some time to sit back and reassess everything we’ve tried and gone through. As it is, with digital marketing, there’s always a long list of what to do and what not to do. Social media platforms are always changing and evolving, including their respective user-base, the technology involved, and the functionality of the platforms. Understanding them and staying on top of the changes is a daunting task at times.

Throughout 2018 we have found ways to improve our Social Media Marketing (SMM) strategy to amass a larger percentage of users. And we’ll tell you what to expect from Social Media in the months to come.

But first, ask yourself what separates good marketing from great marketing?

In one word, “planning”.

In order for marketers to take advantage of these platforms, it is important that they stay ahead of the curve by having a strategy in place and being prepared with the latest trends in social media activities.



This is no stranger, and will always remain at the top of all marketing strategy. It is not the future, it’s the present! Images, whether storytelling or infographic or static, along with video content, has continued to remain the most effective form of digital marketing.

80% of the World’s Internet Traffic Comes From Videos

*according to Cisco

In fact, more and more social media platforms have integrated video players on to their newsfeeds. In a descending format, here are the most popular channels for sharing video content –

  • Facebook (81%)
  • YouTube (62%)
  • Instagram (57%)
  • LinkedIn (32%)

Keep in mind, just recently, LinkedIn has decided to invest more in streamlining video players for sharing across business pages. But for these to work effectively, a proper social media plan needs to be in place – the target group, the demographic, the timings, scheduling – all of which you are probably already familiar with.

As for images, sometimes, finding the one which conveys your message perfectly is quite hard, or expensive, in this case, here’s a quick tip – take one with your own smartphone.


Go Live!

Ever since YouTube introduced Live (or Streaming Now) videos, Snapchat took over this opportunistic idea and pushed it to the forefront, thereby making it more famous and a social media trend. Depending on the type of organization you run or website, this provides a great sub-platform for marketers to further engage with your users and customers. In return, this gives users a more relatable and human touch interaction experience than content that’s artificial and overly edited.

But how does that help?

Remember, social media is not “new” anymore. It is now all about relationships, engagement, loyalty, interaction, responsiveness, building trust, and most importantly, proves your authenticity.

That sounds like a lot to manage! Jumping from comments to boards to chats?

Yes, for someone with no technical expertise in scheduling and automating real-time responses. But we have just the right tools to keep track of all activities and even schedule precise and automated responses if necessary.

Social media platforms for Live Feeds also includes Facebook and Instagram.


Facebook Messenger & Chatbots

Did you know, Facebook messenger and chatbots have very high interaction rates, and they’re prebuilt, so you don’t have to even know any developing skills.

Businesses that use  Messenger have 60% to 80% open rates within 60 mins.

In fact, you can take advantage of the messenger in more ways, not just to respond to questions. This means –

  • Expanding your contacts.
  • Occasional content/promotions.
  • Send invites to new posts.
  • Send in freebies.


Brief Changes On Specific Social Media Platforms Post 2018

After last year, we’ve noticed a considerable pattern and minor changes with social media networking. Even though there are plenty of other social media platforms, we’ll focus on the four most prominent ones. Read through and determine for yourself if it makes sense for your business presence or not.



With nearly 80% of all internet users, Facebook is still is the largest and most engaging platform worldwide. About 62% of those are 65-years-old and above – which means it is suitable if your company deals in finance management or retirement plans.



After Google’s search engine, YouTube is the second largest with more than 3 billion searches monthly. Which proves the point that video is a preferred form of content. This has increased exponentially due to its inclusion in both Google’s web and video search results.



With 79% of the accounts based outside of the United States, Twitter has an international appeal that also supports over 40 languages. Products like Playstation are very active, announcing the release of any new game immediately gains them retweets and likes in the thousands.



With 80% of marketers using LinkedIn for professional purposes, it is a dream for most B2B companies as you can market directly to people in your specific industry. Additionally, companies have even used LinkedIn to find and recruit quality talent.


2018’s Social Media Usage In New Zealand Alone

The most popular social media networks among Kiwi people in New Zealand, as of 2018. This does not include messaging apps. Age group is between 16-64 years old.

*Source: Statista

Leading Social Networks In New Zealand As Of January 2018

Leading Social Networks In New Zealand As Of January 2018


Even though Google+ is listed above, it is advisable to ignore it. Reason being, as of 8 October 2018, Google has decided to shut down Google Plus platform for two reasons:

  • It failed to gain engagement as expected
  • Multiple security breach in Google+ API

Good news is, you can consider other platforms including Pinterest, Snapchat, Instagram and more for marketing your business. Just make sure you run a thorough analysis first, or talk to us.

Need a boost on your social media presence this 2019? Grab a phone and call us at 0800 826 366 today, or drop in a mail and schedule a telephonic meeting!




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