Results Of Automating Business Processes Tandem Nz

In working with clients from various industries – finance, education, vehicle, food, etc. – we have learned what the real values of automating a business process are.

Based on our experiences, here are a collated snippets of automation possibilities your company should take into account when investing in solutions for business process automation.

Online Payroll Integration Automating Business Processes

Online Payroll & SAAS Accounting For Financial Industries

(Location: New Zealand)

The Challenges

Integrated APIs (Application Programming Interface) between the finance industry and Inland Revenue that enables automatic updates and communication between the industry and IRD without the need for phone calls and face-to-face meetings. This also includes functionality for businesses to register with the IRD online without any paperwork involved, filing-in and paying taxes, filing for tax returns, assigning correct tax codes as per the worker’s circumstances. All this also means the professional details will be kept on the cloud for a period of up to seven years.

The next challenge is to integrate the Bank Payment Express API between the employee and employer. This enables the payroll system to send out salary to the employee as scheduled and whenever approved by the proprietor. Additionally, it is also required to generate fresh payslips after automatic calculations that include factoring in leaves, off days, holidays, etc.

The Solutions

The team saw that the best way to automate this process is by getting a hold of all necessary API codes from IRD and Banks. At some point, our software engineers themselves consulted with IRD via phone call for permission and acceptance of integration. This is followed by:

  • Consulting with IRD on building an integration model.
  • Acquiring system codes for the proposed program.
  • Segregating each possible scenario (non-resident, new businesses, industry types, etc.)
  • Tested by a dedicated QC team on the smooth functioning of the automated process.

The Results

  • Obtained 300+ businesses within the first month.
  • Immediately started generating revenue.
  • Extended automation to other smaller processes (ongoing support).
  • Reduced operational costs and overheads.

Loyalty Apps Automating Business Processes

Loyalty Apps & Customer Portal For Miscellaneous Industries

(Locations: Netherlands, US, & New Zealand)

The Challenges

Integrating ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) systems to all facets of business operation — including product planning, development, manufacturing, sales, one-touch payments, etc — into a singular application and user interface. The integration we were faced with includes automation for large-scale businesses whose work involves handling human resource management and employee management.

Secondly, integrating POS (Point of Sale) as well to food industries and link it to their online order channels. Challenges include tracking orders from multiple channels, enabling easy live menu changes, complete view of outlets in one dashboard, and ultimately providing analytics to the clients.

The Solutions

Tandem NZ started rolling out customer acquisition programs that enable these businesses to engage prospects with relevant products by:

  • Enabling one-touch solutions as much as possible.
  • Using granular data to target and segment prospects.
  • Engaging potential prospects through numerous channels.
  • Personalizing the solution to match the user.
  • Standardizing each stage of the sales cycle.

The Results

  • Rapid signup via social media and personal accounts.
  • Quick conversion of potential prospects.
  • Shorter sales cycle duration.
  • Increase in productivity gains.

Vehicle Check Portal Automating Business Processes

Vehicle Check Portal For Automobile Industries

(Locations: Netherlands & US)

The Challenges

Integrated HPI (Hire Purchase Inspection), an online checking system of used vehicles that is quick, reliable, and detailed. With online car-buying being the norm nowadays, getting a car inspected by an expert or taking it to a mechanic is time-consuming and could be quite expensive. Integrated HPIs give the buyers access to thousands of vehicles they may have never found otherwise, and with details on fraud/trustworthiness, potential payment issues, and any paperwork that may be required before committing to a sale.

This includes all types of motor vehicles such as cars, buses, trucks, tractors, caravans, motorbikes, forklifts, or any vehicle that can travel at more than 10 km/h in a specific country. The information gathered contains the owner’s name, registration date, registration city, type & model, engine number, chassis number, age, and city and state.

The Solutions

Tandem NZ suggested to integrate HPI to these motor industries as a means to win new potential buyers and help the client reach their monthly numbers by means of HPI development and online marketing by:

  • Auto-producing a comprehensive vehicle data in less than 10 seconds.
  • Simplifying the procedure from a 3-step process to a single step process.
  • Avoiding the need to check in person or hire a mechanic to have it checked.
  • Researching the target group and using acquired insights as a guide to marketing.

The Results

  • Increase in revenue
  • Reduction in lead conversion time
  • Daily customer engagements

Social Media Automating Business Processes

Social Media API Integration For Every Industry

(Locations: Netherlands, US, & New Zealand)

The Challenges

With over 86% of users who found account creation a hassle, integrating a social media login with either Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more is one of the necessary requirements of any of the industries we have worked with. This also allows our marketers to gather user data for research and usability purposes, thereby capturing and retaining the traffic. Secondly, social media plugins also pull up information on product reviews, wish lists, live updates, etc depending on the external platform.

One of the biggest challenges with social media APIs is keeping up with the changes almost on a weekly basis. But this is because these changes are often caused due to a shift in the platform’s priorities such as eliminating bot accounts or increasing ad spend.

The Solutions

Prioritize based on the client’s industry. While Facebook, Twitter and Google are the must-have APIs for almost any platform, other industries are suggested to expand a bit more. Is it heavily image based? Connect with Flickr and Imgur as well. Is there going to be a lot of video content? Connect with YouTube and Vimeo too. :

  • Manage the entire social media strategy in one dashboard by using Hootsuite and Sprout Social.
  • Have a minimum of at least 2 social media API for signup processes.
  • Developed personalized social API for a client to match industry standards.

The Results

  • Rapid signup via social media and personal accounts.
  • Tremendous growth and visibility with quick one-click signups.
  • Authorized access to user data to be used for research and marketing purposes.

Trigger Email Automating Business Processes

Automated Email Marketing Across All Industries

(Locations: Netherlands, US, & New Zealand)

The Challenges

Newsletters and one-off campaigns are slowly becoming redundant and are being replaced with automatic email campaigns that are either event-based trigger emails, or drip-feed emails, or both, depending on the goal. Other challenges include keeping the list of users up-to-date and accurate, the timing of the scheduled deployment of the email, the volume of emails to be sent (less is more), and making sure all automated emails abide by the CAN-SPAM and CASL laws.

The Solutions

Using any of the emailer platforms like MailChimp (one of our partners) Tandem NZ can help you get started on your automated emailing system so you can convert new customers and retain existing ones without having to lift a finger for an entire year. Depending on the industry, in some cases (like finance) we’ve had to create over 50 automated emails that are triggered based on the user’s behaviour or lack of it. Our course of strategy for the essential ones are:

  • Welcome emails, abandoned cart emails, refer-a-friend, milestone emails (birthdays, join dates, etc)
  • Send personalized messages with specific info such as their name, location, product(s), etc

The Results

  • Increase product usage and revenue from the existing customer base.
  • Received product feedback and increase engagement with users.
  • Increase in customer conversion and retainment of existing customers.


These are just a condensed list of our real-world experiences in automating both B2B and B2C campaigns that have produced results through leads and revenue. The industries covered varies from SMBs to large enterprises.

As the business world becomes more and more competitive, the benefits of automation will no doubt make your business run easier, and faster. It’s clear that keeping a business afloat in the digital world all comes down to automating all or parts of your processes.

Grab a copy of our statistical infographic on automating business processes with various clients.


If you’re interested in discussing automating your business, regardless of the industry or platform you’re in, give us a call at 0800 826 366. We’ll come up with a good idea of making your workflow run better, capture targeted leads, and retain existing users through business process automation.


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