Tips On Using Your Facebook Timeline

Here are our top tips for using your Facebook timeline to maximum effect:

  1. Get creative with your cover image. This is your shop front so it needs to speak your brand’s language. You can use Logos, brand images, photos freely, however, call to actions including like, share, sell, contact information, etc. are prohibited.
  2. Don’t forget your history. The whole idea behind the timeline is to show the history of your brand from your timelines inception. Make sure you fill in all details like founding date and significant milestones.
  3. Timeline management is crucial. Direct messaging provides you with a nice informal way to communicate with your customers. Do you have the resources however to maintain this?
  4. Post management gives you a great way to connect and engage more with your customers. Your timeline allows users to promote their most interesting stories and activities to the top of their pages. So it is well worth you take the time to regularly and re-arranging your posts so that the best ones shine.
  5. Monitor activity via the Activity Log. Review regularly and work out which posts you should hide/delete allowing you to showcase the best information about your brand. Only you can see your activity log, not your users.

Facebook provides your brand with a powerful Digital Marketing tool if you use it correctly and monitor its activities. You need to be where your customers are and nowadays many of them are on Facebook.