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Payday Filing In 5 Steps

Check if you are ready for Payday filing in 5 steps

In 2019 the Inland Revenue Department (IRD) of New Zealand will introduce comprehensive changes to the way all businesses need to run their payroll services. These changes are mandatory for all businesses and will fundamentally change the way you do payroll. Are you ready?

All employers need to ensure they are compliant. The new payday filing requirements issued require that all employers[…]

Tandem Nz Ird Integration Showcase

IRD Integration showcase

Ever wondered what goes into integrating your systems with a government department. Below we outline some of the key technologies we employed to connect directly into the new Inland Revenue Department (IRD) systems in New Zealand.

The following outlines the various technologies employed to successfully connect with the IRD Digital Transformation system[…]

Ird Payday Integration Deadline New Zealand

Payroll – Don’t Get Caught Out

As of 1 April 2019 the way companies have to report payroll to the IRD is significantly changing in New Zealand.  All employers need to ensure they are compliant. The new payday filing requirements mean employers will need to complete employee payments to the Inland Revenue (IRD) every pay run. A new seamless connection between IRD and your payroll system is needed to handle the increased reporting frequency.

This means every affected employer will need to either[…]

Ird Payroll Integration Services Tandem Nz

Integration with Govt systems

A big challenge for any company who interacts with government IT systems is when the said department undertakes some form of upgrade or change. The downstream effects usually require significant modifications with little time available.

The IRD in New Zealand is one such government department that is […]