Small Business Automation Tools 2019

Small Business Automation Tools For 2019 – What Are You Using?

More so than ever before, business automation is transforming the way businesses of all sizes do more, scale better and in ways that they simply couldn’t before.

No matter the business size, automation can give you the edge over competitors and make your brand stand out from the crowd. To be bigger and better than everyone else.

A lot of the automation tools that are out there are geared to medium to large businesses that need to operate more efficiently due to increased staff and customer demands. However, even for the small business, there are many options to bring automation into your business and gain the advantages it brings. more time and more revenue.

Here is a selection of some of them:

IFTTT (If This, Then That)
Basic automations are easily created using the IFTTT platform. ‘If This Then That’ pretty much says it all. Set up simple things between different applications to happen based upon certain criteria.

A real benefit in the world of automation is the ability to have your jobs run quickly. IFTTT run instantly, as soon as the trigger action fires. Other similar applications like Zapier typically run ever 15 mins or 5 mins depending on account rights. The big downside is multi-step automations are not easily achieved on IFTTT. But for simple single tasks, it is a great friendly and easy to use tool.

By combining advanced email marketing features with a great CRM, ActiveCampaign has established itself as much more than just a simple marketing platform. While there are many players in this area ActiveCampaign stands out as it is optimised for businesses of all sizes.

Many CRM packages are throttling their features and while the basics are easily accessed once you need some power the prices quickly rise. Active Campaign is reasonably priced meaning your business can achieve a return on your investment in the platform and not be worried about being held up at gunpoint in a few months.

Pipedrive CRM
Another great tool that has burst onto the Pipeline and CRM management market is Pipedrive. Aimed at small businesses it provides an easy to use interface with powerful tools to simply make your sale pipeline and customer management easier and more automated.

This great tool lets you connect easily to many different applications. It is a simple automation tool that can boost your productivity. Using Zapier you can have thousands of automations running to cut out repetitive manual tasks allowing you to spend your time on more valuable and profitable actions.

Save attachments in Gmail to google drive automatically? Want your blog posts automatically tweeted out when published? Back up files from Dropbox to Onedrive, or vice versa? Zapier provides you with an easy to use tool to do this and much more.

Do you get tired of the back and forth emails trying to set up meetings? Calendly is a great simple automation tool that simply makes you availability preferences accessible. The recipient can see and choose a time that suits them and the event is automatically added to your calendar. Job done. Don’t waste any more time going back and forth.

If you are not active on one social media platform let alone many then it may be time to hang up your apron. These days it is essential to any business to have some form of presence on a social media platform that fits your customer market. Platforms like Hootsuite make it easy to schedule and track what you are doing across multiple social media platforms. Combine this with simple IFTTT or Zapier tools and things start to get interesting.

You are small. So building a massive sales team is simply not feasible. So you are going to need to automate your sales process so you can handle higher volumes of leads and turn them into more sales without blowing your HR budget.

Tools like Leadformly are built specifically to generate high volume leads and when integrated with ActiveCampaign tools you can automate responses based upon emails lists and automation rules. It means that early sales process can be much more streamlined allowing you more time to focus on closing active deals.

Content content content. So much content is needed these days. If you want to dominate your niche then you need to be producing content. Emails, posts, blogs all have to be created and the last thing you need to be doing is checking whether that sentence makes sense or that your spelling is rite, sorry…right.

Grammarly is a great tool that helps you do a good job of avoiding basic spelling and grammar mistakes that can directly impact the confidence in your business.

Yes, it is an automated platform that will manage your ads and your spend for you. Sometimes not entirely to your advantage. It is designed to be more powerful than any other platform for business. It has a host of automation features that can get you better spend and traffic results.

Bid rules, Google ad scripts, and Google ads API all combine to give you many automation options. AI, machine learning is going to completely transform the way businesses use platforms like Google Ads over the coming years. Don’t be left behind.

Automated invoices, scheduled payments, cash flow management plus a whole lot more is stuffed in this accounting platform. All aimed at making you less of an accountant in your business and getting back to doing what you are in business for.

Google Extensions
Even within your browser, several extension apps can be added to chrome that will connect with other third-party tools you may be used to easily create tasks (Trello) and save documents (Gmail/Dropbox etc). Look into the extension shop and be amazed at what is possible.

Service M8
For small businesses that are out on the road a lot keeping track of who is where and when can be tricky and time-consuming. Very quickly inefficiencies creep into your business that if not addressed, well you might as well pull out some cash and burn it right here in front of you. Job automation, tracking, invoicing are all easily achieved with this service delivery platform.

Automation Can Change Your Business For The Better

So there we have some tools that every small business should be looking at. Automation is not reserved for the big boys. Get yourself started on some of the platforms mentioned. It won’t be long before you want to extend further once you see the power and benefits automation can bring you. There are many options available that cater to all industries. the key is to partner with an expert provider in this space to make sure the right one is applied for your business.

What Other Tools Do You Have Or Use?

Just because you have a small business does not mean you cannot harness the power of automation. Check out some of these top automation tools you can start using today and give us a call at 0800-826-366 or drop in a note with your query and we’ll schedule a meeting

Small Business Automation Tools For 2019 – What Are You Using?

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