Announcement – Have Your Payroll Your Way

Tandem NZ Payroll-IRD Integration

We are excited to announce another fantastic software release. We have been quietly working away on a revolutionary new Payroll software set to disrupt the entire payroll industry in New Zealand.

Let us introduce, Your Payroll.

Your Payroll is a fully featured payroll filing systems completely hosted in the cloud. It is fully integrated with the Inland Revenue departments. In fact, it was one of the first fully integrated pieces of payroll software in New Zealand with the new IRD digital transformation project.

Designed and built entirely in our offices, Your Payroll presented challenges in creating simple and easy to use interfaces to handle the many different payroll scenarios that are present in the business world. The system was built to handle company payroll from small 3-4 employees structures through to large enterprise level payroll requirements.

Our skill and experienced team of .NET Developers needed to not only build a website that was manageable via a Content management system but also integrate third-party vendors and handle the tight security protocols from the Government Inland Revue department.

The Frameworks and Technologies that are used in the payday reporting application implementation as follows.

The final solution uses the latest version of the Microsoft .NET Framework Platform

ASP .NET MVC Framework with MVVM Pattern Enabled

C# .NET, Microsoft highly recommended .NET Supported Language

SQL Server, Database

Bootstrap, CSS3, JQuery

UMBRACO, Content Management Services(CMS)

Mandrill, Email Services

All transactions between the system and the iRD needed to ensure they were secure. The protocol set used for a secure layer is SSL/TLS, this will create an encrypted link between IR and its customers so that any interaction that takes place between these two parties will always be encrypted and secured.

We are proud to have delivered such a disruptive and full solution for Your Payroll and look forward to watching them service their customers easily and grow exponentially.

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