Outsourcing – such a dirty word

So this could be a bit controversial but I think it needs to be discussed. In NZ we have a shortage of quality IT resource. FACT! One of the key issues preventing global expansion of NZ companies is access to talented resource at affordable rates.

As a business owner what are you to do? You are being pulled multiple ways. You have your employees on one hand telling you, “offshore people are useless, that more people are needed in the team right here”. Or that, “the work we are doing is too specialised to do remotely, they need to be sitting right next to us”. Or even a – “we can’t outsource this work because we are already too busy. Oh, and the guy you tried to hire last time was useless, he/she didn’t have enough experience”.

Then on the other hand you have your board or your shareholders or even your wife saying you need to grow the business. You should develop more products but you need to reduce your budget. Why is your HR cost so high? We need that thing done next week, not a month from now! Sounds familiar?
Offshore development, resource-optimizing, co-sourcing, outsourcing – those dirty words. But are they the answer? Outsourcing your resource gaps is by far the most viable option that exists for you to extend you team, plug those holes and develop your business. The best thing about it is that, usually, it is a much more cost effective way of business operation. And in today’s world, technology makes outsourcing easily accessible, as if you had your team right in the next room. What did your staff say again? If they are unable to work with someone in another room, perhaps the issue is not with the other room but with them! Food for thought.
With outsourcing you can find the resource skills readily, and those resources are usually a third to half cheaper than local guys (whom you can’t find anyway). So why are you not outsourcing parts of your company? I will tell you why.

Outsource to India  You are scared.

  All the stories you have heard about outsourcing problems can be traced to two key items –

 ▶ Cultural miscommunications; and
 ▶ Scope inconsistencies.

But what if there was a way to eliminate those two issues? Imagine if you could just deal with a local NZ-based company like you do for everything else, and yet gain access to offshore talent and pricing benefits, well, then your risk is no more than hiring any other local company.

If you could do this, wouldn’t that enable you to address both your day to day operational needs as well as satisfying the board? And just maybe, the wife as well? Luckily now there is a solution that fits this bill. Tandem NZ provides you a local office to manage your external offshored ring fenced team – thereby outsourcing without the headaches.

Take your business to the next level.

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