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Transformative organisations that are looking for improved efficiency, transparency and facilitate compliance for repeatable processes are now seriously looking into the world of Business Process Automation (BPA).

They use automation in a variety of ways – from simple employee onboarding through to complex accounts payable and payroll processes. In fact, anywhere where employees route paper from one location to another for recording data, work processes or approval can be automated. This is especially possible when you have an expert website developer in-hand, or on call. Here in New Zealand, we have Tandem NZ, located in Christchurch, who have some of the top-notch web developers on their staff to enhance customer and client relationships.

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How Can You Identify What Could Be Automated In Your Business?

There are some key elements to identifying elements of your business that could be considered for automation.

  • The process requires consistency across all facets of the business.
  • The process is repetitive.
  • The process needs to be error-free every time.

Automation Is Just A Fancy Word For PDFs

A BIG common misconception is that automation is simply replacing paper with PDFs. Scan the document or just turn the data into a PDF. Sure, but this is the tip of the iceberg. With automation in place, businesses can make processes much more cost-efficient, streamlined, error-proof and transparent. Automation, if done correctly, save time and are able to ensure the best practices are in place, thereby improving overall efficiency and productivity across the entire business. In case you’re not sure where to even begin with automating your work processes, get in touch with a web development company that specializes specifically in this area.

Here’s an infographic summarizing why businesses, old and new, are hopping on the automation bandwagon.

Reasons Why Businesses Are Implementing Automation Technology

Reasons Why Businesses Are Implementing Automation Technology

Common Business Processes That Drive Positive Change Include

HR Onboarding

Onboarding employees can be a trying and laborious process especially if it is paper-driven and time-intensive. Not only for the HR department but also for the new employee. Automating your HR process can ensure you rapid onboarding and higher quality understanding of how your business works for new employees all while boosting your culture and innovation.

Accounts Payable

Getting your invoices paid is one of the critical elements of every business. Paper copies being misplaced or delayed on someone’s desk. Chasing down paperwork and answering phone calls questioning invoices and amounts takes up valuable employee time that is better spent elsewhere. Why not automatically track all invoices, from raining through to payment or non-payment. Significantly reducing processing errors and improving customer satisfaction and clarity.

Contract Management

From preparing documents and contracts, getting them signed and agreed through to the execution of contractual elements. This can all be a time-consuming task for an employee. Back and forth with customers and constant manual tracking of tasks/contract statuses is simply time wasted. Many aspects of contract preparation, signature, authorisations, task management can be easily automated to remove errors and inefficiencies allowing focus on driving new business or looking after existing customers.

Marketing Communication

Gathering and managing your customer data and leads can be time-consuming if you’re using manual labour. Where is that customer at? Have we chased after them? What stage is the customer at in our sales funnel? Common questions really. Manually tracking all this information is time-consuming, inefficient and leads to customer dissatisfaction. Automating your engagement and ongoing marketing communication can be easy wins for businesses yet provide massive improvements in customer interaction and satisfaction.

If your business is not automating now, you will quickly be left behind by competitors who are. Gain time back in your business and focus on activities to drive growth and improve customer satisfaction instead of shuffling paper. Free up resources that deliver for you.

To get started with identifying automation possibilities in your business and actually implementing it, get in touch with us. No obligations whatsoever. If you’re located in Christchurch, New Zealand, just pop into our office and we’ll talk about web development and automating your workload.

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