Digital Integration With New Zealand’s Government Systems

Ird Payroll Integration Services Tandem Nz

A big challenge for any company who interacts with government IT systems is when the said department undertakes some form of upgrade or change. The downstream effects usually require significant modifications with little time available.

The IRD in New Zealand is one such government department that is currently in the midst of undergoing a major IT infrastructure and software overhaul. These changes are all part of their transformation program and mean interfacing with the IRD through IT channels is going to be completely different than ever before.

Tandem NZ was approached by Your Payroll to build a Payroll system that would integrate fully with the new IRD systems being put in place and provide its customers with an easy to use a browser-based interface to manage their payroll.

Challenge set: Work with the IRD to develop a way to manage the updates to IRD systems from Your Payroll system allowing employers to transfer their payday data in real time daily directly to the IRD as updates on the website were done. The new IRD payroll system would require a SOAP gateway to be fully developed as well as strict data encryption protocols to be put in place.

The integration work when completed would enable Your Payroll to fully automate the exchange of data between them and the IRD across over 120 different payroll scenarios. It would also open up other IRD services such as GST filing and tax refunds as well to them in the future.

Tandem NZ worked with the IRD team directly to develop the gateway requirements and security encryption needed. All communications with the IRD needed to be fully encrypted using TLS Mutual authentication (or two way SSL as it is sometimes called).  This form of encryption and data transfer is one of the most trusted systems available with both ends needing to authenticate both certificates at either end. Once authenticated the next level of security begins using authorisation tokens. This means that the complexity of the security is high and requires specialist knowledge to implement.

Once the connection with the IRD was established and tested with over 120 scenarios all complying and passing rigorous testing the system was then integrated back into our customer portal to create a seamless experience for the end user to manage their complete payroll quickly and easily.

The entire system was built on Microsoft technology using the latest .Net framework with ASP.NET MVC, SOAP web-service, C#, TLS 1.2, SHA-256 (as hashing algorithm), AES (as encryption mechanism)  and TLS mutual Authentication”.

Integrations with government departments can be time-consuming and costly exercise unless you work with the right partners who understand the technology and what is needed to be done. Tandem NZ can provide your business with this knowledge and skill. Get in touch with us to discuss your next integration work.