Great Kick-off To New Challenges With Celebrations!

What better way to start the day than with celebrations at Tandem NZ Office during Dussehra, a major Hindu festival observed every year, and typically falls in the months of September and October. Colourful flowers adorn the office space, which explains why it is widely known as a celebration of colour and tradition.
Typically observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent, what others don’t know is that in most organisations, on this day, it is dedicated to appliances used at work – computers, files, machineries, etc. – to bring prosperity to the forthcoming year, where new projects can commence, as it is also believed to be the best time to embark on something fresh.
After morning prayers were said, cakes and sweets were distributed as customary in Indian festivities, and diyas (small cup-shaped oil lamps made from baked clay) were lighted, giving off a gentle but kaleidoscopic display to the decoration.
All in all, it was uplifting and fun.
This festival also marks the start of one of the most important and widely celebrated Diwali, the festival of multicoloured lights in the night sky.
It’s not over, yet. Here’s to a great new Tandem NZ year ahead of us.