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Tandem NZ Importance Of A Website Audit Blog Post

Importance Of a Website Audit

Why Do You Need A Website Audit?

Over the last few years we have seen incredible changes from search engines and how they compute the search results when someone does a search. It used to be that you could just add keywords to your title tags and content and header tags – get a few backlinks and there you go, you are ranking!
It is NOT AT ALL like that anymore, and most business owners have not been able to keep up! There are hundreds of factors used by search engines to determine how your site will be returned in the results. Some of the more recent additions to these factors include:
–On page technical issues.
–Site speed and responsiveness.
Some business owners may not even comprehend what these factors entail. But as a website owner, can you answer these few questions?
1) Do you have any broken links on your website?
2) Is your URL structure helping or hurting you?
3) Do you have any Meta tag issues?
4) Do you have Schema implemented?
5) Is your site loading too slow?
6) How many backlinks do you have?
7) Are any of your back links low quality?
These are just a FEW of the many things needed for proper optimisation. If you do not know the answer to these questions – YOU NEED AN SEO AUDIT!

What A Good SEO Audit Includes

An in-depth website SEO auditing is not a quick process. Properly done, it can take several days if you have a larger website, but on average, Tandem NZ spends approximately 2-3 days running an audit on an average-sized business website.
Why you ask? Well, because we care about finding all the issues and offering simple and easy to use directions on how to improve your web presence. We do an in-depth manual review of your website as well as run several reports to retrieve a variety of data which we then analyze and input into a complete interactive report that you can view online, or download to your computer.
Our hands-on approach and immersion into data from various sources gives you the best chance of improving your online business.
Every website SEO audit we run includes at least the following items:
1) Technical Audit – making sure your site is well coded and runs fast.
2) On-site Audit – full review and analysis of all pages for proper keyword use in all pertinent areas (H1-H6, Title Tags, Content, etc).
3) Off-site Audit – analysis of backlinks, anchor text, and authority and trust.
4) Social Audit – review current mentions and visibility.
We provide a detailed analysis of every item that is affecting your website.
What A Good Website SEO Audit Accomplishes
A well done website SEO audit will give a business owner a great starting point to improve their online presence. It will include all of the current issues that the website is facing, and thereby preventing it from doing good, as well as give a complete assessment of what the business owner can do to improve the areas that are lacking.
Once a client implements the suggestions – they should begin to see a positive impact to their online business, granted, it can take several weeks to see the full impact these changes will have. The ultimate goal of any good audit will be the following:

  • Improved quality site traffic – You may get less overall visitors but they will be of better quality, therefore you have better chances of conversion.
  • Improved search engine page ranking on your keywords.
  • Reduction in digital spend – Your organic rankings mean you do not have to bid for so many keywords.
  • Reduction in waste expenditure from online advertising.
  • When quality traffic improves, conversions will follow.

Nowadays, the internet and web searches should be a critical element in your company’s online profile. It is crucial that you appear when people are searching online, especially due to the sheer volume of businesses vying for attention. With a small investment in an SEO audit, you will be given the tools to ensure you have a solid presence online for your business.

Grow Your Business With Our Free SEO Audit

A Tandem NZ website audit is the best way to determine the effectiveness of your website and to facilitate performance improvements.

  • Check your website health with our Free SEO analysis report.
  • Prioritize SEO issues and know Why to Fix.
  • Get best quotes on website optimization.

Social Media Advertising

Drive Business Results With Facebook, Twitter and Instagram Advertising!
Tandem NZ  from Christchurch NZ, is helping brands and agencies to meet their ongoing online goals through effective social media campaigns.

Want social? You want Tandem NZ

Our team of social media marketing and advertising experts will ensure that your company gets the best returns and online profile from your social channels. Talk to us now about what you need and let us work together to take your business to the masses.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook is the Internet’s dominant playground in recent times, it is the fastest growing video platform the internet has ever seen and with billions of users is one of the largest communities ever built online. You can get your hands on your most coveted users through targeted digital advertising and the use of the correct post structure and content to fit your message. The experience of being able to engage directly with your customers and get them to help grow your brand online actively is a tantalising one. However it is one fraught with mishaps and danger for any brand. One misstep and we all have heard of the horror stories of how social media news can spread like wildfire damaging your brand irreparably.
Tandem NZ can provide your brand with world class social media management and advertising ensuring that your channels are working as hard as they can for you and returning you the best bang for buck on your advertising dollar.

Instagram Advertising

Advertisers are intrigued by Instagram: aside from the sheer size of its 300 million users, there are many demographic advantages. Instagram skews towards the coveted Millennial audience, and marketers have the advantage of using Facebook data and targeting algorithms to target specific groups of Instagram users. But without tight management a lot of companies burn their money easily without getting to the people they intended.
Our social media experts understand the power of Instagram and how to make it work for you. Simply sticking pictures up is not enough. You want a well thought out and managed campaign aimed at growing your brand profile online and driving traffic where you want it to go. Let our experts help you get more than just a pretty picture on Instagram.

Twitter Advertising

Twitter is the place where conversations are sparked and movements expand like wildfire. It provides the opportunity for you to capitalise upon popular topics from around the world. With video on Twitter, you can now deliver an even more immersive experience than 140 characters.
Effectively advertising on Twitter means taking advantage of chances to engage consumers in definite-era moments. Whether it’s seizing opportunities, second screen viewing of your advertising or simply leveraging good luck via a Promoted Post, Tandem NZ can help you facilitate and manage your objective, ensuring that your Twitter use is on point and delivering for your business.

Tandem NZ at South Island’s largest Tech event – Canterbury Tech Summit

Tandem NZ is excited to get underway at the annual Tech Summit (formerly Canterbury Software Summit). It is the preeminent industry event of the year for the Canterbury tech sector. This one-day conference hosts national and international speakers as well as a trade show area. The Tech Summit offers both aspirational and educational content and allows attendees to learn about new technology developments, have insight into success stories, and explore new business opportunities. The event also provides plenty of opportunity to network and share views, problems, and solutions with others working in your field.
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