Auth0 Authentication & Management System

With security breaches becoming a major concern across all enterprises, securing user data has quickly gained quite some attention in the business these days.

One that comes to mind, and is just recently in the news, is Auth0, a global cybersecurity leader in Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) company started by a Microsoft veteran, Eugenio Pace.

In just over 12 months, Auth0 tripled its Australian-New Zealand team, led by Regional Director Richard Marr, now has 830 clients on-board, including Atlassian, MYOB, ME Bank, CarsGuide, AGL, Servcorp, THE ICONIC, Television New Zealand (TVNZ), and many others.

In basic terms, what Auth0 does is the software allows users to safely and securely log into a wide range of online services, from e-commerce sites to smart home devices to banking sites to social media platforms, using a “passwordless” option that lets companies send users one-time codes to log in, instead of the usual individual login details.

“It’s a problem space that is very, very complicated,” Pace commented. “Making mistakes have dire consequences, it opens the door to get access to your information and your customer data. No one wants to be on the cover of newspapers with another breach and have all that information out in the open. There is an appreciation of the complexity of the problem and so, many companies know it is better left to the experts in the domain, which is us.”

“How it’s been, the more secure you want to be, the worse user experience is,” Pace said. “Your typical consumer has the thermostat, the phone, a smart TV, and an Echo device, and all these devices and the system need to be interconnected to know who you are, so the complexity will only increase. We are resolving this tension between user experience and security that has traditionally been at odds.”

The entire point of using SaaSes like Auth0 is offloading the effort of maintaining a custom solution for a price. The calculation to be done is:

  1. Whether the cost of the SaaS exceeds the cost of implementation and maintenance of your system, and
  2. If the limitations of the API are likely to give rise to additional work.

User authentication and management is a core part of most business apps these days, so it makes sense to offload it.

Pace, who previously led Microsoft’s developer program for 13 years and is still doing hands-on development himself, said that Auth0’s approach is unique because it empowers developers.

Our own developers found that with Auth0’s onboarding process, it guides you to a working implementation on over 100 different combinations of app platforms within 10 minutes.

As per their website:

You can connect any application (written in any language or on any stack) to Auth0 and define the identity providers you want to use (how you want your users to log in).

Based on your app’s technology, choose one of their SDKs (or call our API), and hook it up to your app. Now each time a user tries to authenticate, Auth0 will verify their identity and send the required information back to your app.

Auth0 Process

Is Auth0 Worth Paying For?

Yes. Another cool thing about integrating Auth0 is the pricing factor. Compared to Microsoft’s Azure B2C, Auth0 does not charge per login (unlike Azure), it only charges for the number of active users that month. So even if you have a million registered users, you won’t burn through your wallet at all.

“The problem in itself is not new. Since computers were built, we’ve had to identify who was a legitimate user and who is not and what those users can do,” Pace said. “But the way we are solving it and approaching it is quite unique and different from how it was solved in the past.”

In Conclusion

Auth0 currently has over 7000 global customers with plans to expand with its boost of $103 million in funding and a valuation of over $1 billion.

Some of their current clients include HarperCollins, News Corp, Kodak, Financial Times, Mazda, Siemens, Mozilla, NVIDIA, Bluetooth, and AMD, to name a few.

The company, which started development in 2013, has its US headquarters in Washington, and additional offices in Buenos Aires (Argentina), London (UK), Tokyo (Japan), and in Sydney (Australia).

Interested in implementing Auth0 on to your system? Give us a call at 0800-826-366 or drop in a note with your query and we’ll schedule a meeting

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