With APIs, You Have The Power

API Application Programming Interface Value for Business

As more and more businesses and consumers weave web and mobile technologies into their day to day lives previously isolated data pools are becoming increasingly valuable resources for businesses.

APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) allow systems to talk to each other and exchange data. Innovative developers can then use these APIs to create whole new business opportunities and vastly improve existing systems, products, services and operations.

Forward-thinking businesses should be seriously considering developing an API strategy. Open APIs that are public-facing can power consumer-friendly applications enabling your customers to engage with your business through web, mobile and social apps. While, Private APIs, enable businesses to offer their employees and partners new ways and tools to help streamline their operations and engagements, ultimately serving their business customers better.

This new dynamic operating environment means that as a business grows, and more APIs are connected, developed and incorporated into their operations, it becomes more critical for these innovative businesses to develop and have effective API strategies from their IT department or providers.

Connect With Your Customers

A key component of your long term success is giving your customers, both existing and potential new ones, reasons to interact with you and share their experiences with others.

Take the example of a vehicle mechanic company. Over the years they have collected numerous bits of data about their customers, cars they have had, service records etc. As part of their operations, they also have detailed specifications on car parts and the overall mechanical quality of various car models. By making this internal data accessible to the public through an API, the company suddenly opens up a channel of creativity for developers to build apps and websites to empower consumers. The company can give its existing and new customers useful information regarding potential car purchase and operations that they never had before via web or mobile interfaces. A level of insight that, car manufacturers, maybe don’t want. By exposing the previously isolated data through a public API suddenly, that mechanic can expose their business and service to thousands of new customers. Having this effective API strategy has created new opportunities for engagement as well as new service and product channels that can be exploited in innovative ways.

Operation Efficiencies

Perhaps a business could develop private APIs to improve their employees day to day lives. Suppose they need their sales team to have better information so they can quote more accurately and efficiently no matter where they are through the use of mobile apps or web technology. Effective private APIs can provide their employees with access to the information they need, and when they need it.

There are many ways developing private APIs can improve your internal operations and in turn provide your staff and therefore your customers a better experience.

Legacy Challenges

Many businesses are hamstrung by legacy systems that become increasingly inefficient as they get older and often are not interoperable with newer technologies. If a business depends heavily on these legacy systems they will usually encounter problems when trying to add new software or services such as SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) application or modern APIs. Usually, these problems can be addressed with point-to-point solutions but these can create fractured and fragile complicated setups with dependencies that cost time and resources and, by their nature, are prone to failures.

A key facet to a successful API strategy is developing well crafted, engaging APIs that can be widely adopted and easily supported. Providing robust foundations to extend business systems going forward. Having access to a developer community or resource that can provide feedback and insights into API designs and features to consider is invaluable.

API Design & Development

Developing APIs means you are looking to provide connectivity between systems and data, even legacy systems, to unlock the power within your own business.

Many platforms exist that come with libraries of pre-built business application integration options and solutions enabling rapid connection of CRM, Accounting, Billing, Marketing and other business applications.

The main elements of integrating API strategy for your business.

The Key Elements Of Implementing API Strategy

Knowing which platforms are right for what you are trying to achieve and how to best implement them is critical to having a good API strategy. Key elements to consider are:

  • Find the right developers to design and build you great APIs
  • Take your APIs from design to reality quickly by leveraging robust API platforms for robust and scalable API development.
  • A good partner will take the guesswork out of your API development and management. You need to have firmly established access control, SLAs, throttle calls to your APIs. 
  • Create templates and ensure you are actively managing compliance, security, and quality.
  • Develop real-time dashboards to monitor every facet of your API and your business
  • Create innovative examples and engage the development community to extend your API options providing more tools for your customers to use.

API Strategy

Designing and Developing an effective API strategy will give your business a powerful way to leverage the data already stored internally. Use a holistic API view to improve customer engagement, improve operation efficiency and bring new innovative products and services to market.

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As more and more businesses and consumers weave web and mobile technologies into their day to day lives previously isolated data pools are becoming increasingly valuable resources for businesses.

APIs – You Have The Power

As more and more businesses and consumers weave web and mobile technologies into their day to day lives previously isolated data pools are becoming increasingly valuable resources for businesses.