5 Software Development Trends And Why Your Business Should Take Advantage Of Them

Post-2018, hindsight is always a great thing to lean upon and learn from. So let’s take a look back at the top 5 trends in software development so far.

Artificial Intelligence

Our imagination has been captured for years through books and movies of machines that can think. Nowadays though this is the reality, not fiction. Machine learning, deep learning and AI concepts are appearing in our daily lives.

You know it must be worth watching this space when the biggest names in technology are investing heavily in AI:  Google, Facebook, Amazon, Salesforce, and Apple have been on a sustained buying spree (between them buying over 140 AI start-ups in the past 5 years).

It is safe to say that you can expect AI to feature more and more in the applications you use.

IoT: The Internet of Things

IoT is nothing new. It has been talked about for years. Being able to connect together billions of tiny devices gives you insights previously unavailable about how and where assets or products move, are used or perform.

Data is the raw material that developers get excited about. Especially when using it to connect things together. More data means the ability to interpret, analyse, learn and apply solutions leading to increases in automation and efficiency.


We are not at the level of Star Trek yet but we are on the pathway to be able to linguistically interact with computers. Let’s face it, it is simply easier to talk than type. It all started with Siri but now Microsoft Cortana, Amazons Alexa, OK Google have all pushed the boundaries out of sight. There is a long list of Chatbots now in use. Even Air New Zealand has one.

For software developers, Chatbots were easy to add to existing services through the power of API’s.


Mobile is everything these days. People are glued to their devices. Whether shopping, taking pictures, engaging with brands and friends they are experiencing the full power of the web everywhere in their hands.

This means every, EVERY, website needs to be mobile responsive so that it is usable on any types and size of devices on the market these days.

Customer Experience

Across the board, easy and intuitive software interfaces are critical. No longer will developer-created user interfaces work. Slick, fast and simple interfaces are now the requirement of any successful software.

Download this infographic on ‘5 Software Development Trends And Why Your Business Should Take Advantage Of Them’:

5 Software Development Trends Tandemnz New Zealand

A lot has happened in 2018 in the software game. Is your company up to date with the latest trends and applications that could give you the jump over your competitors? What do you see for 2019 and beyond? If you have a dream or an idea and want to turn it into a reality, contact us at 0800 826 366 or drop in a mail at info@tandemnz.co.nz and we’ll schedule a meeting.

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