Once a business starts down the automation pathway it is common knowledge that it saves them time and money, gets things done quicker, faster and with more accuracy than ever before.

There are so many benefits from automation that the whole thing is like an iceberg. The basics are just the tip. The real body of benefits is underneath.

So let’s examine the tip of the iceberg and the five most important and straightforward automation you can implement in your business right now.

1. Greater Lead Generation
You probably already have a process for potential customers to find out more about you. Perhaps you have a landing page already where you send customers. Why not automate your lead generation process?

Let’s say a pop-up box automatically appears on the landing page after a specified time period. This box collects email addresses and kicks off an automatic process to send a drip email campaign to the potential customer through tools like MailChimp or Marketo.

2. Boosts Local SEO Ranking
If people can find you when searching you are more likely to get inquiries which can lead to sales. So you need to achieve the best SEO ranking you can.

The trick is that local SEO is different than trying to advertise to a larger global market. Local SEO is all about your customer engagement and social media. By automating this aspect you can save yourself a lot of time all while boosting your local SEO ranking.

Look for tools like Hubspot where you can see all your stats in one place. use tools for content creators to produce locally orientated content that is specific to the market you are trying to attract.

3. Publishing Automation
There is a lot of channels to manage these days and have your business appearing on. Content, video, images, blog the list goes on. Why spend time uploading and sharing content when you could just automate the entire process.

Set content to publish automatically across all your platforms at specific time and dates. Set up the content and push the button and let the system take care of publishing to your website and social media channels as you have specified while you have your coffee.

4. Content Process Automation
Content marketing can be a laborious task. It is not just writing, there is proofreading, editing, imagery which all have to happen in short spans of time.

However, nowadays there are ways to make these things even easier and more effective. Use online tools to check your grammar, proofread content, and a lot of these tools can be integrated into your existing in-house systems or websites to streamline your content creation even more.

5. Competitor Monitoring
To stay ahead of your competitors it helps to have some insight into what they are doing. Guess what, there are tools out there that will enable you to monitor your competition. These packages enable you to track what and where they are posting, SEO rankings and on page rankings, overall traffic etc giving you insights into business revenue and growth statistics.

Overall if you streamline your business processes through automating aspects of your business you can save yourself time and money. Not only this it enables you to refocus on other things that need your attention to grow your business even more.

5 Ways To Improve Your Business Through Automation

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