Having Trouble Finding A .NET Developer?

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You are not the only one. They are like hen’s teeth. Everywhere you look it seems that there is a demand for .NET Developers. Are they really in that much demand?

The answer is “yes“. especially talented and experienced .NET Developers. CIO’s are busy tearing their hair out delaying projects and figuring out band-aid solutions.

So why is this role so hard to fill?

Who is a ‘.NET Developer’?

.Net is a framework, therefore you can’t develop with it you develop for it. So a .Net Developer is actually a web programmer with a good understanding of the .NET framework that creates a variety of online applications and interfaces.

The question you need to ask yourself is actually what are you looking for. Saying I need a .NET Developer is like telling your hairdresser you need a haircut. Do you really need that senior-level software professional with years and years of ASP.NET MVC 5 experience or will actually a combination of other skills do the trick?

The hiring process is too slow.

Many companies are simply missing out on .NET Developers because their hiring process is simply too onerous. You simply need to move faster in hiring high demand skill sets.

The key facet to hiring quicker is clearly identifying the job requirements which will enable streamlining of your hiring process for that role. Which leads to the next point…

Expectations are simply too high.

Businesses are looking for a level of experience or skills breadth that is near impossible to find. Employers may be looking for a “purple squirrel.” When writing job descriptions, some want additional technical abilities, such as SQL, on top of C# and .NET, while others want strong communication skills to support their Agile environment. Others want developers for Windows, Mac and Linux, while some organizations want to add requirements like IoT (Internet of Things), big data and Angular.

Let’s get real people.

No one can know all of .NET. Rather than holding out for the dream candidate who can do everything (psst they don’t exist), it’s better to hire promising people and then support their development into the employee you are seeking.

So back to the question at the top of the hour, are .NET Developers hard to find? Yes and No. It actually is down to what developer type you are looking for. What skills do you actually need? Do you actually need them locally in your office or will working remotely be a viable solution.

Gaining access to a skilled experienced .NET developer is actually possible if you can think wider than your office. You want a good web programmer to work in online technologies, then why not use online technologies to work with one located anywhere in the world. As long as you are clear on expectations and requirements you may find that hard to find the resource is not actually that hard to find after all.

Talk to us about your .NET Developer needs and see if Tandem’s approach will enable you to plug the hole in your business and get on with your development schedule.

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