Great Kick-off To New Challenges With Celebrations!

What better way to start the day than with celebrations at Tandem NZ Office during Dussehra, a major Hindu festival observed every year, and typically falls in the months of September and October. Colourful flowers adorn the office space, which explains why it is widely known as a celebration of colour and tradition.

Typically observed for different reasons and celebrated differently in various parts of the Indian subcontinent, what others don’t know is that in most organisations, on this day, it is dedicated to appliances used at work – computers, files, machineries, etc. – to bring prosperity to the forthcoming year, where new projects can commence, as it is also believed to be the best time to embark on something fresh.

After morning prayers were said, cakes and sweets were distributed as customary in Indian festivities, and diyas (small cup-shaped oil lamps made from baked clay) were lighted, giving off a gentle but kaleidoscopic display to the decoration.

All in all, it was uplifting and fun.

This festival also marks the start of one of the most important and widely celebrated Diwali, the festival of multicoloured lights in the night sky.

It’s not over, yet. Here’s to a great new Tandem NZ year ahead of us.

The honourable Prime Minister of New Zealand John Key at Tandem NZ Stand

What a great day at The Canterbury tech summit. Many software, website, mobile development and IT sector companies were in attendance with a sell-out crowd and some great speakers. Tandem NZ proved to be a hit, with many visitors to our booth all day long. It seems that everyone has experienced the headache of outsourcing and we provide the answer they have been looking for. Even the Right Honourable Prime Minister John Key stopped by to see what we were doing. He lingered for a while having a chat with our staff. Our approach to website design and development or the ability for our customers to have ring-fenced quality staff working just for them were popular topics of discussion.

A hit of the day was that surprisingly the “throw a business card pizza and beer game” proved harder than everyone thought. A few lucky people (such as our own Paula) simply walked up and with a flick of their wrist got the card into the bucket first try. For the rest of us, it took many more attempts. The key in the end we think is the weight of the business card that enables it to fly through the air.

Thank you to all our visitors for coming and saying hello, we hope to be making your outsource life easier soon.

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Chris and Pankaj at Canterbury Tech summit

Tandem NZ Outsource to India

Tandem NZ Outsource to India


Tandem NZ at South Island’s largest Tech event – Canterbury Tech Summit

Tandem NZ is excited to get underway at the annual Tech Summit (formerly Canterbury Software Summit). It is the preeminent industry event of the year for the Canterbury tech sector. This one-day conference hosts national and international speakers as well as a trade show area. The Tech Summit offers both aspirational and educational content and allows attendees to learn about new technology developments, have insight into success stories, and explore new business opportunities. The event also provides plenty of opportunity to network and share views, problems, and solutions with others working in your field.

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Chris Tandem NZ



Software Outsourcing Services Without Headaches

We are excited to have our NZ and Bangalore, India office up and running and being able to remove the headaches of outsourcing for many IT companies.

A New Zealand founded company offering world class outsourcing solutions to businesses in any industry.

Tandem NZ provides offshore software development services to help clients increase their software development capacity and efficiently turn their ideas into working products. Our deep technology background, collaborative culture and creative problem-solving skills enable us to proactively offer solutions for the most complex challenges.

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